Mahaud is first and foremost Mathilde Covelli


At just 24 years old, she embodies the questions of a responsible and lucid new generation, with a real ecological and societal concern.

Having always had the firm will to undertake, it was after graduating from the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne that the beginnings of Mahaud were born.

Driven by her passion and her determination, she intends to transmit her values and her vision of fashion through her creations.

She participates in the IFM ENTREPRENEURS program at the Institut Français de la Mode, then launches Mahaud in February 2021.


Upcycling, Recycling… The revolution is underway (tdid you catch? eh eh)


Because everyone has the right to a second chance, upcycling brings life back at unused materials. Cis to make something new out of something old! When recycling reproducesidentical, theupcycling invents new vocations, transforms and sometimes diverts with ingenuity. Creative, smart and green so!


Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. To us to choose new modes of consumption respectful of theenvironment and guarantors ofsustainable production. Yes, we firmly believe that fashion can be virtuous.

The time has come to think about the future… And to take action. This is a revolution that we are already seeing in our eating habits. So why not in our dress style? Preserving the environment in style is possible!


So, are you ready to participate in this revolution?



The socks have morea trick up their sleeve!  


  Feminine noun

1. Socks designed to cover the foot up to the ankle, calf or knee.


The revolution also hides in the ordinary, and the most profound changes sometimes take on derisory appearances. Like a sock! Banal, common, ordinary, socks seem to go everywhere. But if they are of all the wardrobes, cis also thatthey are solid, abundant and universal. Easy to wear, to wash, at Mahaud, we find there a original and qualitative raw material. By imprinting a new know-how on it, the sock becomes a trendy and, above all, ethical fashion item.


Because Mahaud does not do things by halves, our Parisian workshop only worksfrom socks french design, in collaboration with Royalties. Two brands sharing common values, those Made in France and Da flawless quality, from the initial material to the upcycled product. We collect unsold items and ends of stock from old collections to develop our models. No flaws, no worn or damaged socks. Saved from destruction, they are redesigned and upgraded. We offer them a real second life. We work from limited stocks. Each of our models is therefore unique. In short, an innovative, militant lookbook, favoring slow fashion and singularity.


The sock fits you like a glove



Chaussette is the new basic! Elastic, soft, comfortable, it perfectly matches the shape of the foot without hindering its movements. A freedom thatfound in the parts of nos collections. We design ultra-contemporary silhouettes, intended to be worn every day. An everyday fashion, in line with the less is more, minimalist in appearance, but sharp and unique.

And we are part of a inclusive approach, forgetting any size constraint. Our models are suitable for everyone, whetherwe make a 34 or a 40! 



Does the sock work for you?


Slayer of the fast fashion, do you recognize yourself in inclusive and sustainable brands? You favor local, committed brands,strong identity? For you, a garment is intended to be worn on a daily basis more thanto sleep in a closet?Mahaud reconciles fashion and ethics in avant-garde, virtuous silhouettes without ever lacking in style. An ambitious basic concept without sacrificing anything to form.


But for that, We need you ! 


And if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us by email, via our Facebook page or Instagram.