Our Partnerships

Mahaud, a story of socks!

Royalties is a brand of socks High-end Made in France.
Between tradition and creativity, the brand offers fancy, comfortable socks made according to a know-how of several generations by the Broussaud and Ventura factories. 

The brand is committed to providing impeccable socks from design to finish.


Mahaud is also a new eco-responsible and reusable delivery system!


Boomerang reusable package, what's this ?


Packages made from advertising tarpaulins saved from incineration.


Boomerang returns to the workshops where it was born to be cleaned and then re-rented to another brand.


Assembled in his native stronghold in Auvergne by social integration staff.  




The principle is very simple, once your order has been received, all you have to do is deposit for free your empty package in the mailbox The post office closest to you. The package will then be sent directly to Auvergne to be cleaned and then re-rented to another brand.


How do I return my Boomerang package?!

 You will find on your Boomerang package an instruction label that allows you to understand in a few steps all the subtleties to return your parcel! We've even planned an explanatory video for you that hides behind the QR code.

The economic model of this responsible package rests on the reuse. It is therefore essential to return your Boomerang package !
So we count on you !